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The idea for Nautilus was conceived in 1986. At that time, the London based head office team of Aberdeen Petroleum PLC, led by its Finance Director, Paul Dumond, began providing their corporate services to other companies. These companies were from different market sectors either based in the UK or with substantial overseas operations. All of the companies received the same high quality of support, but, each paid only a small proportion of the total head office costs. This provided them all with significant cost savings without any compromise on the resources at their disposal. The Nautilus concept was born.

In 1993, when Aberdeen Petroleum PLC was taken over by Pittencrieff PLC, the corporate services operation was transferred into Nautilus Management Limited, especially incorporated for this purpose by Paul Dumond. At the same time, Tony Hunter, our current Managing Director, became involved in the business, and further clients, both public and private, followed.

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Today, we continue to work on the same principles on which we were founded. Each of our clients has access to our full depth of resource, while only paying for the work they actually require. This means that at busy times, such as at year-end, during a major transaction, or around Board meetings, our clients have the required personnel, familiar with their company, already on hand. However, during quieter periods, they do not incur any cost for the resources they do not need.

We serve the interests of all types of company - fully listed; AIM quoted; venture capital and private equity backed; and privately held. Each company is unique and our services to them reflect this. Whilst we have specialist software and systems to maximise efficiency of operation, our service is above all personal to the people with whom we work.

Although we can, and do, advise our clients in our areas of expertise, what sets us apart from firms of advisors is that we actually carry out the work required (or assist if preferred). Clients tell us that we are different from anyone else they deal with because we work as an integral part of their team, people they know they can rely on to deliver. But don't just take our word for it. Have a look at what some of our clients have said about us.

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