the complete corporate servicenautilus management limited


We provide a broad range of services to the following types of company:

Fully listed and AIM quoted companies, for whom we can handle entire areas of corporate administration or provide specific technical expertise or assistance. We may be engaged as the company comes to market for the first time, or when it is seeking to engage additional expertise, or when it wishes to reduce costs.

Venture Capital and Private Equity Backed Companies, for whom we can provide a corporate team to handle their corporate administration and allow management to focus entirely on their business. For example, in an MBI or start-up we can provide an "instant infrastructure" for the new management team (we prefer a little notice if possible!). Whatever role we undertake, we do so at a highly competitive cost.

Privately held companies where we use our experience, expertise and pragmatic approach to ensure that compliance and administrative matters are handled as simply as possible to minimise costs. For example, we often work with entrepreneurs during the early stages of development of a company to ensure proper compliance for when it moves to the later stages of funding.

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