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Corporate Governance and Compliance

Corporate governance and compliance issues apply to all companies, both public and private, to some degree. We use our knowledge of the rules and of the individual company to advise upon and implement them in the way most appropriate to that company.

Stock Exchangestock exchange
We not only advise on the Listing, Disclosure and AIM Rules and requirements. We can actually carry out the work necessary to implement them in your company. We can handle your regulatory announcements. Where the rules require procedures to be put in place, we can look after or assist you with this.

Public Company Corporate Governance
For public companies, we work with you using our knowledge and experience of corporate governance guidance relative to your company to ensure its appropriate implementation in your company or, where appropriate, explain its non-adoption.

Private Company Corporate Governance
For private companies, we ensure the proper implementation of any shareholder agreements as well as the Company's Articles of Association. We do this in a straightforward way that adds to, rather than impinges upon, the business objectives of the company and its shareholders.

Legal Compliance
Whether the obligations arise under the Companies Act, a UK company's Memorandum and Articles of Association, or an overseas company's constitution, we will identify and steer you through them, taking care of any work required.